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The Grey Wolves series from the author Quinn Loftis is a bestselling paranormal YA series. You will laugh and cry uncontrollably as you read this thrilling series, one that we should be seeing in cinemas in years to come.

This series follows the lives of Jacquelyn Lupei, Jennifer Anghelescu and Sally Miklos and their mates Fane Lupei, Decebel Anghelescu and Costin Miklos through the trials that will make them into who they become in the future..

Series Introduction

The Grey Wolves Series follows the lives of werewolves, part-humans, and humans as each find their true mate throughout the course of the books. There are laughs and sobs as you follow each of them as they find the one who was created for them, the one who holds the other half of their soul. There are two main packs which the story line centers around The Romanian Pack, led by Vasile Lupei and Alina Lupei, mother and father of Fane Lupei, and The Serbian Pack led by Decebel Anghelescu and Jennifer Anghelescu.


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